This country needs no introduction when it comes to higher education. The popularity of US among the student cult for various valid reasons is known to all.

Every year, millions of students throng the USA to finish their higher studies and pursue dream careers.

Even though there are three intakes on record for student admissions – Fall, Spring and Summer, the maximum number of applications and course offerings happen in Fall(Sep) and Spring(March/Apri) semesters.USA till today, remains the hub for foreign education because of the following reasons:-
a) Globally ranked universities
b) Great scholarship options
c) Flexibility of courses and electives
d) Competitive tuition fees
e) Student- friendly environment
f) Resource-rich campuses
g) A huge international student base

Some of the popular locations in the USA for higher studies : -

New York, Boston, Chicago, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, California

Some of the popular courses to study in USA: -

Computer Science & IT, Engineering, Management, Robotics, Criminology & Forensics, Robotics & AI, Mathematics, Astrophysics, Architecture, Pharmacy, Social Sciences, Communication, Literature, Actuarial Science, International Relations & Foreign Policy


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